The piano goddess suddenly lifted her clothes and leaked her “super crazy abdominal muscles”

Entertainment Center / Reported by Xu Jiahui

Malaysia’s “Piano Goddess” Li Yuanling is not only talented in the music field, but also loves fitness. She has a beautiful appearance and a slender figure. She is 170 cm tall, weighs only 45 kg, and has a body fat of 12%. IG has nearly 2.55 million Fans, super popular. Recently, she shared a video. She usually shows a good figure, but she rarely wears a sweater. She didn’t expect that she would lift up the sweater in the next second. The super happy picture made netizens very excited.

Li Yuanling has nearly 2.55 million fans and is the goddess in the hearts of many netizens. (Picture / flip from Li Yuanling IG)

Li Yuanling shared a welfare picture with fans on IG a few days ago. She took a selfie in front of the mirror. In the video, she was wearing a pink sweater and home clothes. The makeup on her face was quite complete. It was rare to show her home side. When wearing home clothes, the painting style changed suddenly in the next second. She suddenly lifted the clothes, revealing the slender ant waist, the waistcoat line, and even the clothes up to the chest. The proud career line was looming, which made netizens excited and shy.

The piano goddess rarely wears a sweater and packs it tightly!In the next second, he suddenly lifted his clothes,

Li Yuanling took a selfie in the mirror and suddenly lifted her clothes. (Picture / flip from Li Yuanling IG)

After the video was exposed, a large number of netizens flooded in. Netizens left messages expressing “beautiful and cute”, “so hot”, “pictures of you are in my mind”, “so charming”, and “fairy came”. In fact, Li Yuanling, who is always willing to share her fitness and exercise process, pays great attention to the control of her body, and even her diet is very strict. She has previously posted her daily meals, all of which are vegetables and high-protein foods. Cooking in a low-salt and low-oil method is extremely healthy and self-disciplined.

The piano goddess rarely wears a sweater and packs it tightly!In the next second, he suddenly lifted his clothes,

Li Yuanling has the habit of exercising, her diet is also strictly controlled, and her figure is quite good. (Picture / flip from Li Yuanling IG)

In addition, she also shared hot photos in swimsuits on IG. Wearing a plaid swimsuit, she showed a cute and sexy atmosphere. Netizens warmed up instantly in the cold winter. Fans also highly praised “This will give 1 million likes”, “The vest line is too powerful”, “There are likes with you”, “One is not enough”.

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