Watch clashes with chairs and stones between Moroccan and French fans

Once the match between French and Moroccan teamsHowever, the French riot police deployed when the first fans took to the Champs-Elysées Avenue in Paris to express their joy at their 2-0 victory over the second, and there they found that Moroccan fans had preceded them to the same avenue to express their joy despite the loss as well, but by making their team history as the first Arab country. Africa reaches the semi-finals.

The situation quickly deteriorated, “and violent clashes took place between the two parties,” according to a series of hasty Twitter tweets, written by Greek journalist Sotiri Dimpinoudis, who was born in the Belgian capital, Brussels, where he resides, and reinforced some of them with video clips late on Tuesday evening, including the one shown below.

The video is of Moroccan and French fans exchanging throwing chairs and stones and lighting a fire, according to what reported from a tweet written by “Dimpenodis”, in which he stated that the police intervened to try to keep the two parties away by firing tear gas, stun grenades and rubber bullets.

The same in Brussels

Dembenodis had written, in one of his tweets, that more than 2,500 policemen and officers headed to the famous avenue following the Moroccan national team lost the match, “fearing riots and clashes with the fans of the French national team,” and a video was broadcast of police trucks heading to the avenue, while the French daily newspaper Midi Libre broadcast Also, a video on its site, of what appeared to be fiery projectiles and flares used by the two parties in a square in a city far in the south of France, 748 km from Paris, which is neighboring Montpellier on the Mediterranean coast of Marseille.

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The same thing happened in Brussels as well, where small fires broke out in a street in the city center, according to a video spread on the communication sites, in which a man appeared hurriedly raising the flag of his country from his window, then riot police trucks appeared as they were heading to an area that appeared to have been the scene of clashes between Both sides, it ended well.

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