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The police forces, on the verge of losing the credit that the …

The State Security Corps and Forces are being undermined by a awkward and partisan acting by police unions. The demonstration called by Jusapol for Saturday, November 27, in favor of the gag law, whose call was gregariously joined by the other police unions, for fear of losing followers, was based on several repeated lies, and made the mistake of smash neutrality that require the police forces democratic logic and the legislation that regulates them.

Some cops that they break the rules of the democratic state and that they lie to the society that supports them and that pays their wages, the only thing they do is undermine the credit that democracy gave them (They did not win it, given their origin), and generate a feeling of doubt and defenselessness among citizens. They lose, in a word, moral authority, and generate the suspicion that they are more in favor of a police state than of a rule of law.

And – without that credit – many citizens our police begin to generate fear. Because if they are able to mobilize based on a lieWho guarantees us that they will tell the truth when they have to write a report or a record about any intervention or incident that affects our rights, and in this case our fundamental rights of expression and assembly?

Jusapol says that the draft Law on Citizen Security, which modifies the so-called “gag law”, makes the reports of the police officers “lose the presumption of veracity, going on to have a presumption of guilt.” AND that is radically false. Because the only thing that the bill raises is that said reports must be sufficiently justified: the same as judges’ sentences, for example. It is logical and healthy that the mere affirmation of a police officer is not enough to incriminate or hold a citizen responsible. That would be typical of a police state and not of a rule of law.

Jusapol says that the bill, “by allowing the performance of the agents to be recorded, puts their safety and that of their families at risk.” And that is a lie, for various reasons. The first, because recording the actions of the agents can already be done, before the Citizen Security bill, from the Constitutional Court ruling 172/20 of November 19, 2020, when it annuls the prohibition of such recordings ” without authorization”. The second, because the Citizen Security bill prohibits the dissemination of recorded images “if the security of the agents is at risk.” AND to lie, lords of Jusapol and gregarious followers, calls into question the credibility of the police.

And I’m so sorry to have to say it, but a police whose unions, and the agents who follow them, mobilize in the name of these lies, it is simply scary. By the way, what caste of unions rebels with falsehoods against a government bill, and does not take into account an unquestionable truth, and that has to do both with working conditions and with salary retribution (issues typical of the unions): in the last three years, the Government has provided to the police of 13,000 new net squares, and to the Civil Guard 8,000 new net places, and has provided them an average salary increase of 21.5%. But they hide that truth, to highlight the lies in defense of the gag law. A clear symptom of ideological and political intention, contrary to its obligatory absolute political neutrality that marks the article 5 of the law that regulates the bodies and security forces.

The Spanish Constitution, in its article 104, says that “The State Security Forces and Corps, under the dependence of the Government, will have the mission of defending the free exercise of rights and freedoms and guaranteeing citizen security.”

And the Law on State Security Forces and Corps, in its article 51, a) and b) determines that they must “exercise their function with absolute respect for the Constitution and the rest of the legal system“, And” act in the exercise of their functions with absolute political neutrality and impartiality, And ultimately, without any discrimination based on race, religion or opinion”.

And at yesterday’s rally, the assistant cops (although it was clear that many attendees were not policemen) they break that absolute respect for political neutrality, because they allow – and probably have sought – the accompaniment of the parties of the right and the extreme right. Therefore, they are breaking the law that establishes their functions, rights and obligations. AND a police officer who breaks the law is very scary.

And it’s very scary a police officer demonstrating alongside an extreme right that it supports not only in its programs, but in its parliamentary and government proposals, xenophobic approaches. And the Law of Bodies and Forces of the Security of the State obliges them to “absolute political neutrality”, “without any discrimination on grounds of race.” And a police officer walking alongside xenophobes and racists, as happened last Saturday, is very scary.

And that same far-right that accompanies them denies the existence of a dangerous social plague such as gender abuse. And it does so not only in its program, but in its parliamentary interventions and in its conditions to support government actions. AND a police officer who does not have clear ideas about gender abuse is very scary, and that it shows indifference and lack of principles regarding the “legal system” (as stated in article 5 of “its” Law) in relation to this fact.

Jusapol and the other gregarious police unions do the police a disservice by calling a demonstration like the one on Saturday. Because they also do it in defense of a law (the gag law) recriminated from the European Union itself. Already in 2018, the Commissioner for Human Rights of the European Union wrote a letter to the presidents of the Congress and the Senate of Spain pointing out, about this maligned law “Potentially disproportionate limitations on the exercise of freedom of expression and assembly”.

And, as if that were not enough, in January of this year, an advisory body of the Council of Europe such as the Venice Commission urged Spain to review that law, sounding the alarm about “its repressive potential”.

And the Citizenship of a Rule of Law needs to have a police force that is well trained and clearly determined to comply with the Constitution, defending “the free exercise of rights and freedoms.”

If only because the proponent of the gag law is the same Interior Minister who created the so-called “political police”, any police officer who has minimal respect for law enforcement, and for his or her own professional and constitutional dignityHe would be against this law, and he would be very careful not to go out and defend it publicly. And less, behind some lying banners. And even less accompanied by political parties. And much less, accompanied by the xenophobic far right that does not recognize the existence of a scourge such as gender violence.

I said, gentlemen protesters: you are making the Spanish police are very scary because of their undemocratic drift, and destroying the dignity that democracy has tried to put in their hands.

Fortunately there are many members of the State Security Forces and Corps who share neither the lies nor the partiality of Jusapol and the other gregarious police unions. Let us trust them. And let’s trust That the Government take good note to seriously and deeply review the contents, forms and systems of the training of our State Security Forces and Corps. Because they need their democratic and constitutional character to be strengthened. @worldly


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