The Raptors are frozen at three points: it rocks in Toronto…!

It’s a scenario that is often repeated at the moment, and the Kings took advantage of it to win in Toronto tonight (124-123). The Raptors go for three-point shots, the Raptors brick their three-point shots, so the Raptors make the three-point spectators bleed. Canadians are masonry severe on this month of December.

The topic has Raptors fans talking, their heads shaking from side to side.

There is a moment when the shots will eventually come in again…right?

While their balance sheet was positive before starting the month of Christmas (11 wins – 9 losses), Nick Nurse’s men began a series of matches during which the hoops were about the size of a cup to tea, which seriously limits the Raptors’ chances of success night after night. And today, after a 6th defeat in 8 gamesfrustration sets in.

Rather judge this terrible awkwardness, on the last 8 games of Fred VanVleet and his gang.

With the 26th-highest three-point percentage in the entire NBA (32% going into tonight’s game), the Raptors can’t hope to go anywhere.

There are slumps, meeting sessions during which the shots do not come in, but given the aspirations of Masai Ujiri and his clique, one wonders if movements will not take place by the 9th. February and the Trade Deadline, to reinforce the shoot in Toronto.

No star player is in his standards, when we look at the percentages of each of them:

  • 33,5% pour Gary Trent Jr (38% in career)
  • 33.1% pour OG Anunoby (37% in career)
  • 32,6% pour Fred VanVleet (38% in career)
  • 31.4% for Pascal Siakam (33% in career)
  • 29% pour Chris Boucher (33% in career)

Even Precious Achiuwa, who was a marvelous 36% last year, has only hit 18% this season. There is therefore a real three-point concern, which is not the only reason for the recent defeats of the Raptors but must inevitably push Nick Nurse to reflection. Is it a lack of confidence in the group? A simple ignition delay? Or should we knock on Masai’s door and ask him for help, knowing that last year Toronto was already not brilliant at three-pointers (20th best percentage)?

The pressure is real right now from the Raptors, who are letting teams get past them and beat them while the game is in their hands.

If this trend continues, the simple open three-point type will cause collective apneas, enough to tense up a whole attack in the medium term.

It’s up to Nick Nurse to find the solutions, as a coach. Toronto is frozen at three points, a heat shot would be welcome: who will straighten the shot soon? Place your bets.

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