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In the early morning, Wuhan woke up in the long-lost warm sun. 33-year-old Zhao Xiaolong took a break after completing 12 hours of continuous community volunteer service, and then rushed to his own job early. More than 1,000 households and more than 4,000 residents in his community basically completed nucleic acid testing for all employees within 12 hours.

On February 22, citizens conducted nucleic acid testing at the nucleic acid testing point in Yuanmengjia Community, Wuhan.Xinhua News Agency

A few days ago, on February 21, Wuhan once again sounded the alarm for epidemic prevention and control. This is the second report of a local positive infection since Wuhan faced the Delta Delta virus in August last year, and it was preliminarily identified that this case was infected with the Omicron Omicron variant. The work of sealing and control management, nucleic acid detection, and inspection of close and sub-close connections began immediately.

“Post a leaflet to mobilize nucleic acid testing”, “Place the table in the old place”, “Sign and confirm each household”…As the deputy captain of the community party member commando team and the head of the building, Zhao Xiaolong has two anti-epidemic experiences. The process has been “experienced”, and it is more calm and calm to deal with.

He said that Shanglongyuan Community, Jiyuqiao Street, Wuchang District, where he is located, has close contacts of the confirmed cases of the epidemic. At 11:00 on the 22nd, he received a notification of nucleic acid testing for all members of the community. At 12:00, community staff, volunteers and medical staff is ready. “From the estimation of the number of cotton swabs to the adjustment of the residents’ queues, all the processes are clearer, and the cooperation of the residents is getting higher and higher.” Zhao Xiaolong said.

Like Zhao Xiaolong, in the process of responding to the current round of the epidemic, all levels of society have taken the initiative in various tasks to strive for the initiative of epidemic prevention and control.

At 17:35 on the 22nd, Wang Qiao, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Power Supply Service Station of the Hankou Customer Service Center Station of the State Grid Wuhan Power Supply Company, received a call from the community requesting assistance – “The community needs to set up an epidemic duty point, there are not enough manpower, and a temporary power supply must be connected. ”

Wang Qiao immediately led the team to the scene. When the light on duty came on and the automatic temperature measuring device was connected, only 35 minutes had passed since the call.

From 21st to 24th 12:00, Wuhan reported a total of 20 confirmed cases and 6 asymptomatic infections. A total of 1.1447 million nucleic acid tests were carried out for key groups and general risk exposure groups, and 1 hotel and 4 residential buildings were adjusted. for the medium risk area.

With the keynote of “strict”, “fast” action, and “accurate” means, Wuhan quickly traced the movement trajectory of key personnel, so as to strictly control and keep the “point”, check the “line”, and integrate the “face” of prevention and control. , and resolutely cut off the chain of epidemic transmission.

On February 24, Huaqingyuan Community, Jiang'an District, Wuhan City implemented closure and control management. The delivery staff sent a copy of the test materials to the door of the community, and the community volunteers handed it over to the residents.Xinhua News Agency

On February 24, Huaqingyuan Community, Jiang’an District, Wuhan City implemented closure and control management. The delivery staff sent a copy of the test materials to the door of the community, and the community volunteers handed it over to the residents.Xinhua News Agency

In the isolation observation dormitory of a university in Wuhan, and in Building 4, Huaqingyuan Community, Zhan Street, Jiang’an District, Wuhan City, which is listed as a medium-risk area, students and residents felt that compared with last August, when Wuhan faced the Delta virus from a street The lockdown has begun, and this round of prevention and control work is faster and more accurate. While preventing and controlling the epidemic in Wuhan, the normal life of citizens and students is not affected as much as possible.

At present, the subway lines in Wuhan are operating as usual, and major business districts are open as usual. In order to ensure sufficient supply of residents’ daily necessities and stable prices, establish a joint supply guarantee mechanism between cities, districts, streets, communities, supermarkets, and e-commerce; in order to meet the needs of citizens in centralized isolation or home isolation, dispatch medical staff, Internet medical care, Multiple measures such as making appointments for diagnosis and treatment services are taken simultaneously; in order to ensure the teaching progress of students who cannot come to school due to epidemic prevention and control, “one school, one policy” and “one life case” have developed online teaching plans; in order to protect personal privacy, the flow report has been simplified and focused. Announcement of “connection points”…

On February 24, citizens shop in a store in Jiang'an District, Wuhan City.Xinhua News Agency

On February 24, citizens shop in a store in Jiang’an District, Wuhan City.Xinhua News Agency

“Because I have experienced it, I am not so panic.” Due to work, citizen Yang Guanghua often travels around the three towns of Wuhan. He said that he had seen the busiest scene in the city, and he had also seen its most deserted appearance. This time, whether it is the people who are quarantined at home or the citizens who are working normally, in the vigilance of cooperating with the epidemic prevention policy, there is a “battle-hardened” calm and optimism.

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