The Samir Refinery Rescue Front demands the intervention of parliamentarians to resume

The National Front for the Salvation of the Moroccan Petroleum Refinery, an association which includes Samir workers and trade unionists, lawyers, human rights defenders and politicians, has called on all parliamentarians to ensure national needs in petroleum derivatives.
The Front called on parliamentarians to “assume their responsibilities in this delicate circumstance that the country is going through, and to consider the necessary responsibility and patriotism by discussing and approving the bill aimed at confiscating the assets of the Samir company for the benefit of the the Moroccan State, and the bill relating to the regulation of fuel prices, which are the two laws rejected by the government a few days ago. » « .
The same authority stressed that “the satisfaction of national needs in petroleum products is possible by saving the Moroccan oil refinery from permanent closure, the return of natural production and the resumption of storage and refining of oil in the company , and by reorganizing fuel prices, reducing obscene prices and hitting the purchasing power of all citizens. »
The same civil body warned of the importance of this “in light of the global context marked by inflation and high energy prices which have exceeded all expectations, not to mention the strong possibility of disruptions and supply disruptions due to the open war in Ukraine, the scarcity of crude oil and the lack of supply of pure petroleum materials.

The Front also pointed out that “the reorganization of the Samir company will limit the negative effects of rising fuel prices on the cost of transport and travel, and the consequent depletion of the purchasing power of all citizens and a threat for social peace. ”

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