The Shocking Restaurant Bill: Italian Blogger Exposes Scam on Empty Plates

2023-08-10 17:50:00

Italian blogger Selvaggia Lucarelli will long remember her restaurant outing in Liguria. And for good reason: when it came time to pay the bill, what was her surprise when she was charged for a plate… empty.

Indeed, after ordering pasta with pesto at 18 euros, she asked for a small plate to share with her three-year-old daughter. This same plate which cost him, without knowing it, 2 euros. Shocked, Selvaggia Lucarelli shared a photo of the bill on social networks to warn vacationers.

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“We sat the lady who posted the receipt at a table for three because there were two adults and a child,” said owner Ida Germano, 76. “They ordered a single plate of pesto trofie and one of fried anchovies and they asked for two small plates to share for both. So they had four plates in all, not one, and we only charged for one because we also pay for the dishwasher and the dishes. “An explanation that did not convince everyone…

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