The signs of the hour appear in the Emirates .. a very beautiful 15-year-old virgin girl who accidentally discovered that she was pregnant because of chatting via Facebook .. You will not believe how this happened, which shocked everyone! !

The news of the pregnancy of a 15-year-old Emirati virgin girl fell like a thunderbolt on the head of her family, whose whole world was shaken by the impact of what happened.

According to the medical report issued by the Dubai Police, when the girl was examined, the result was that she was 29 weeks pregnant, and that the fetus was alive, but she was still a virgin.

Here, Dr. Sahar Masoud, from the Forensic Medicine Authority, suggested that the girl might have become pregnant due to the leakage of a small amount of semen into the uterus without the need to lose her virginity.

The strange story, which received mixed reactions, began when Mona got to know Yasser, a student who is only one year older than her, and who also lives in the Emirate of Dubai, through a chat site on the Internet, and the two parties agreed that a meeting would take place between them,

Indeed, Mona arranged the meeting, and helped her boyfriend infiltrate the family home without the knowledge of the parents, and he came to her 3 times! By asking her, she insisted that the fetus was the result of an illicit relationship she had with this boy, who denied the accusation.

He said that he had a love affair with the girl and did not cohabit with her as husbands, but slept with her in one bed and they exchanged kisses, and this child in her womb is not his child, and he shouted this in the courtroom, while the girl demanded to examine the “DNA” to prove the child’s lineage Who will enter the world and does not know what will meet him.

lust! The boy tells his story, saying: I met Mona two years ago through a chatting website, and then we met at her family’s house, where she made it easy for me to enter the house and stay in her room without anyone in her family knowing, and we were satisfied with kissing, playing together, and feeling Her body parts, but I did not break her hymen as she claims, but the operation was a game without the need for it.

Accused Yasser still denies practicing vice with the girl, claiming that he separated from her before he knew that she was pregnant. But Mona insisted before the prosecution that she was having a love affair with him, in her home after her family slept, and added: “He practiced with me completely 3 times,

And when I told him that I was pregnant, he didn’t care.” Today, the judiciary is looking into the case of the youngest Emirati virgin teenage mother, and charged them with indecent assault, which is punishable by Article 356 of the Federal Penal Code and its amendments up to 2006 regarding juvenile delinquents and homeless.

She is the culprit. The dominant patriarchal society from the point of view of Hadoub Ali Musa, a student at the University of Sharjah, holds the girl responsible, as if the pregnancy happened out of nowhere, and she asks: “Where is her family,

Yet this society should look at the boy with the same eye, and his masculinity should not save him.” Muhammad Al-Qais, a student at the American College of Dubai, asks: “Is it an honor for a woman to be a virgin? no; At this time, medicine can restore a non-virgin girl to a virgin again.

I see that she has ruined her future, so who would accept to marry a playful girl who gave herself to a young man with whom she had nothing but a quick relationship via the Internet?

Bilal Salah, a master’s student in electrical engineering at the German University, looks at the girl with disgust and sees that she is very daring when she allows a boy she knows nothing about to sneak into her house under cover of darkness to practice vice with her, even if without opening the membrane.

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