The sixth child of a Dubai Police officer on her birthday

Dubai Police responded to the request of a child’s family in fulfilling her wish to work as a police officer, by surprising her on her sixth birthday, by providing her with a police officer’s uniform, and enabling her to perform the duties of a field officer within the luxury sports leagues, in cooperation with the Hamleys Games Company.

Butti Ahmed bin Darwish Al Falasi, Director of the Security Awareness Department in the General Department of Community Happiness, confirmed that fulfilling the wish of the girl Hoor Al-Haddad comes within the “Child’s Happiness” program aimed at fulfilling the children’s wish, within the framework of the strategic direction of the Dubai Police in making society happy, pointing to Dubai Police does not hesitate to meet or fulfill requests within the framework of its mission to spread happiness and enhance confidence in police agencies, which play an important social role in addition to their role in the security field.

Major Ali Yousef Al Ali, Head of the Cultural Diversity Department in the Security Awareness Department, confirmed that the Security Awareness Department began fulfilling the request of the family of the child, Hoor Al-Haddad, after receiving a message from her family wanting to make her child happy on her birthday, and fulfilling her wish to work as a police officer, wearing a uniform. Police, in the presence of fellow students.

Al Ali pointed out that the Security Awareness Department provided the girl with the uniform of a Dubai police officer, and then took her on a tour of the luxurious sports patrols, and briefed her on the duties of the police officer in field work, in addition to making shows for the girl’s police dogs and her colleagues in cooperation with the K9 Security Inspection Department. In conjunction with her birthday, which made her and her colleagues happy, while the family of the child thanked the Dubai Police General Command for fulfilling their child’s birthday wish.

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