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On the contents of this Friday: the CAN in Cameroon. Is the football party on the agenda? Are the Cameroonian people passionate about their tournament outside the stadiums? – The Lions are here! Qualified from their second meeting. Do the “indomitable” have all the assets to seek the title? – Focus on the round of 16. Next Monday (January 24, 2022), the country will hold its breath, the Lions will face the Comoros. A first for the Coelacanths, newcomers to this competition. An unbalanced poster on paper, but football sometimes has many surprises in store for us!

– Sunday January 23, 2022: Burkina Faso / Gabon and Nigeria / Tunisia will open the ball for these eighth rounds! Keys to these shocks in Cameroonian soil. – Such a coveted Cup! Presented in 18 African countries before ending its journey in Yaoundé, the object of all desires was along its course under the protection of Sega Diallo (journalist and new vice-president of the national Syli). A two-month journey where a special relationship was forged between the most famous trophy on the continent and its ephemeral guardian angel! Anecdotes! And finally, your boxes, and those of our guests!

Around Annie Gasnier our evening guests: Lucien Mettomo, former “Lion”, Jean Bruno Tagne, from Naja TV, Patrick Juillard and Olivier Pron. — David Fintzel — Technician in charge of production: Laurent Salerno.

The Café des sports RFI / F24 of Radio football live from Yaoundé 4:10 p.m. UT, radio and Facebook live!

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