‘The star who does not forget the soil even if he rises as high as the wheat’; Jafar Idukki working on location

2023-07-08 15:02:24

A video of Jaffer Idukki working with the crew on the film’s location is going viral. Social media took over the video shared by Nadirsha with the caption, “One of the stars who does not forget the soil even if he rises as high as the flag”. In the video, Jafar Idukki is seen working with the workers of the unit. He shared a video from the sets of the movie ‘Sambhavam குத்து நுத்தி’, which is produced and directed by Nadirsha under the banner of Kalanthur Entertainments.

After the video went viral on social media, many people came to congratulate Jafar Idukki. Some of the comments are like, ‘I have great respect for stars like this…, they stand to set the trolley and help the units… isn’t the film a collective production…, a joy, not to convince anyone, a green man, knowing the glory of work and the pain of suffering’.

‘Sambhavam Awadi Natta’ is Nadirsha’s sixth film as a director. Jafar Idukki plays an important role in the film. Screenwriter Rafi’s son Mubin M. Rafi is playing the lead role in the film. Devika Sanjay, the young star who gained attention with Naman Prakashan and Makal, is playing the lead role. Screenplay by Rafi.

Hesham Abdul Wahab, the young music director who gained attention with the songs of the movie Hridiya, composes the songs of the film. Deepak D Menon is the tea collector. Editor Shamir Mohammad, Production Designer Santosh Raman, Makeup Ronex Xavier, Costume Arun Manohar, Sound Designer Sapta Records, Production Controller Sreekumar Chennithala, Project Designer Silex Abraham, Chief Associate Director Deepak Narayan, Associate Director Vijeesh Pillai, Stills Yunus Kuntai, Design Yellowtooth.

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