“The Story of Running Over a Child: A Tale of Regret, Redemption and Forgiveness”

2023-05-17 14:29:39

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A citizen recounted the story of how he ran over a young child in one of the governorates of the North region, and after 20 years had passed, he returned to the scene of the accident, and here was the surprise.

run over a child

And the citizen said in a video clip that he shared on social media, I was working in one of the northern governorates, and one night I went to buy dinner, and I was in a hurry because the restaurant might close, so I hurried and reversed the street, so a child was walking in the middle of the street, and I only felt that I had run over him on his bicycle.

He added, I stopped in the car and saw blood walking in the street, and people gathered around the child, and I ran away from the place, but after 3 days I went back to the street again and asked the neighborhood about what happened to the child, but I did not find anyone to answer me, and I used to ask my colleagues about it, Because I was afraid and suspicious, and I didn’t want anyone to reach me and nobody to know me.

Transfer request

He explained that, in those days, I was asking for my transfer to the western region, and indeed the transfer came to me, and I rejoiced with great joy with this transfer, because it would keep me away from the place of the problem and the whole problem.

The citizen describes how he felt at the time. I moved with my body only, but my soul, mind, and thoughts moved to the northern region, and I thought about the child, did he survive and was he alive, adding: The pain surrounded me from every side, to the point that I was not comfortable with food or drink, nor did I sleep at night.

And he continued, years later I got married and started a married family life and had children, but I still have that child in my mind, whose image I did not lose sight of even for one night.

His question about the child

And he continued, after 20 years had passed, I decided to return to that place, afraid to wait, and I found that the country had changed a lot, and I went to that street and in the same place of the accident, looking and contemplating as if it was yesterday.

And he continued, I went time after time to ask about a child who was run over or killed in that place, but no one gave me news, until I went to the police myself and turned myself in and told them that I had killed a child in this place, and I mentioned the date to them, and they reviewed the records and confirmed that there was no child killed in that place. that time.

child condition

And he went on to tell, I went again to the street and met an old woman in a grocery store, and asked about the child, and she answered me that the child was good, but they were transferred to a new neighborhood.

And he added, I knew his location and his family name, and I went and his father met me and asked him to forgive me, so he answered me, “I forgave you, and may my son and God forgive you, because you entered us into pain and tragedy, and our Lord saved us from it.” As if he was my son and I asked him to forgive me.

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