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They say that an image is worth a thousand words, and just as the image of Lozoya in Hunan destroyed the largest judicial theater ever attempted in the country, the image of the former director of Pemex, last Friday, spoke for itself. He was alone again, without his father, Emilio Lozoya Thalmann, without a friend, without a cousin, without Doris, without a brother or compadre, like Eduardo Molina, partners -not to say accomplices- like Froylán Gracia and Enríquez Autrey, when Prosecutor Manuel Granados read at 1:27 pm the crimes for which he and his mother, Gilda, were accused. He looked old, very gray-haired, skinny and, because he was in justified pretrial detention, he dressed in beige with a Dockers-type T-shirt, vest, and pants; He was also wearing a mask, surely to hide his gestures, which he put on and took off as he pleased.

Today I bring you the chronicle of case 261/2019, hearing 13 in room 1, in which, finally, the FGR, Pemex and the FIU accused Lozoya and his mother, Gilda, for the crimes of organized crime and money laundering. of money, and him, moreover, for bribery.

The hearing in the North Prison began 37 minutes late due to the workload of the justice center, since there was no room available.

In the presentations, yes, a few minutes after the start, the surprises began

After the two representatives of the FGR introduced themselves, the one from Pemex said: “I want to make a demonstration”, and then the one from the FIU.

Our own and strangers we are left with the face ofwhat! Some said: “They have already reached an agreement and Lozoya will go home today to him and the country”; Others said: “He’s not going out.”

After his lawyers introduced themselves, Rojas Pruneda presented his client as a child hero. Words more words less, he said that Emilio was a young prodigy, one of the 40 promises under 40 in Davos. He only failed to say that he got it thanks to his mother-in-law, who today should not love him at all. Then he said that since he had always been rich, he need not have stolen a single penny. Oh, and that the only association between Lozoya and her family was empathy and love. Surely he preferred to forget that, while his mother was rooted, his sister fled from him and his wife with an arrest warrant in Germany, the confessed criminal was peacefully having dinner with his friends in Hunan. At the end of this presentation, he asked the judge to speak so that Lozoya and his mother could speak.

What, again, made locals and strangers think that there was already an arrangement.

Emilio started lying…

Well, he said that he had agreed to be extradited to seek the criteria of opportunity – a lie, he was not extradited, but rather agreed to come to Mexico. That he had denounced that the energy reform had been approved with bribes – a lie. That, although he had agreed to repair the damage requested by Pemex and the UIF since April of last year, the agreement was suspended, but that -inhale and exhale- it was his decision to continue collaborating with the FGR and -a strong one- to ratify! denouncing him! In other words, keep lying.

His mom said that…

Wednesday, March 8, had been International Women’s Day and that she had celebrated it deeply rooted, that she had been like this for more than a thousand days because acts that do not constitute a crime are attributed to her. She asked President AMLO to stop using women as hostages. Then she asked why the guilty are free? Where is justice? Why are they persecuting us if we have already complied with everything?


After listening to them, the judge gave the floor to the Pemex representative and we heard: “We want to accuse Emilio Lozoya and his mother”; we then heard the FIU representative say the same thing.

They imagine? Yes, everyone was open-mouthed.

The judge asked: are there no conditions for an agreement?

The answer was: no.

Pride is a bad advisor

Suffice it to say that Emilio’s defense asked – take another strong and double one – that, due to lack of legal personality as victims, Pemex and the FIU should disappear from the trial.

After listening to their arguments, those of the prosecution, those of Pemex and those of the UIF, the judge concluded that they do have personality as victims or offended parties and, therefore, the hearing continued.

Then, the defense asked for the floor again and told the judge, your honor, with all due respect, we are going to use all the legal resources at our disposal (an amparo), for this reason we ask you to suspend the hearing, also because Mrs. Gilda he feels bad. The judge answered no, that this hearing should have been held two hearings before and that they were going to move on and that they could legally do what they considered best.

Justice, says Coello Trejo, always comes

Thus, on Friday, March 10, the FGR read Lozoya and his mother Gilda the crimes for which they are being accused. Lozoya did not remove his mask.

Then came a series of merely procedural issues, beginning the trial period.

First, the defense had to say what evidence it objected to and, well, I think it objected to all of it; in fact, there were eight that gave them time.

Among those who objected were the online appearances of Odebrecht executives from Brazil, and the judge threw them back; that is, they will be able to appear.

According to the new accusatory penal system, the pro-person criterion is the one that judges must be governed by, and since in Mexico we are governed by the Constitution and here bank secrecy exists, he threw back Lozoya’s account statements in Switzerland , the receipts of the deposits of the offshore of Obedrecht to the companies Zecapan and Latin American de Lozoya, for not having judicial control, as well as a mail between two people who sent them New York authorities about documents from the Odebrecht case, because, he said, they were communication between individuals and they did not have their permits.

Oh, and how to stop mentioning that Manuel Granados asked Lozoya’s lawyers to stop making impertinent interventions!

Without these proofs, is the battle lost? No

Well, the money is in Emilio Lozoya’s accounts and during the trial he cannot lie, so… the FGR accused him and his family of being the only beneficiaries of the Odebrecht cochupo and the money is in their accounts.

I hope that with this they stop persecuting Jorge Luis Lavalle, Carlos Treviño and Ricardo Anaya, because of Lozoya’s lies to save his skin, because the multiplication of loaves does not exist.

The cherry of the cake

To enter the hearing area, we all know that it is forbidden to enter with electronic devices, and you will not believe me, but someone entered with one and was using it! Who was? A member of Lozoya’s defense team. I tell you…

Lic Ontiveros, Odebrecht’s money never arrived, as you said, in suitcases, but rather is in the accounts of your client, who did not pay his ex-lawyer. I am not going to do the same to you.

By the way…

Have the SAT, the SHCP and the UIF already investigated where Emilio got 31 million pesos in cash to lend it to Autrey?

Today the hearing will continue to see what evidence is discarded and the judge must set the date on which the trial will begin.

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