The trend of food packages that new generation entrepreneurs must be appeased to play.

Whether eating out or ordering to eat at home. food jing package used to indicate that you care about sustainability or not, and if you pay attention to this matter People in the food business should pay more attention.

Let’s take a look at 8 trends in food packages.entrepreneurmust be willing to play

  • 1. care about sustainability before anything else

Sustainability It is an important factor that affects the purchasing decision. Especially in Gen Z consumers, for example, if a restaurant operator offers food delivery services, they may choose to use the Jing package made from recycled materials more. By trying to change from using the plastic package to biodegradable material such as paper or hemp, or if the manufacturer of the Jing package Maybe produce smaller Jing package, it will save more material.

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  • 2. Upgrade the package level as well. technology

except QR Code that we are familiar with AR technology may be used to help create a virtual reality experience for customers. or make it easier for customers to access more information about the product. Near Field Communication (NFC) Wireless short-range communication technology where consumers can bring a smartphone with NFT near the NFC technology-enabled product label, they will see more detailed product information. or in terms of payment NFC-enabled smartphones can also be used to scan and pay with NFC-equipped card swipe machines.

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  • 3. The clearer it is, the better. but can be avoided little book

package jingA good place should be able to see the label and clearly show the information. In this regard, operators can communicate through the Jing Meal package. with clearly legible text Avoid inserting footnotes or tiny bits of text as passive text. together with the use of clear packages see food or ingredients inside reflect the sincerity Business Transparency

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