The trial for the femicide of Agustina Fernández will not be held this year “due to the deadlines of justice”

2023-08-09 13:47:00

yesterday the lawyer defender of Pablo Parra, Juan Manuel Coto talked about the date of the trial for the femicide of Agustina Fernández and assured that it will not take place this year. Today the mother of the young pampas, Silvana Cappello confirmed the lawyer’s statements and regretted the deadlines for justice.

Agustina Fernandez’s mother, Silvana Cappello confirmed that there is a good chance that the trial for the femicide of the young woman take place next year in 2024.

As a mother, even if they explain it to me a thousand times, I’m not going to understand the bureaucracy, let alone the groping. As the preventive is until September 30, from then on the date of elevation to trial will be requested, and since it is seen that Agus is obviously not their daughter, they consider that due to the deadlines it will not be possible to do this year, “he said. the mother, Silvana Cappello.

In the last hearing carried out in June, the prosecutor’s office and the complaint requested that the pretrial detention term for the alleged defendant be extended. It was agreed that Pablo Parra will continue to be detained for four months until September. Agustina’s mother assured that Before the term expires, they will request an extension of the pretrial detention.

“Then the judicial fair comes in January, but I keep bidding. I am losing years of life in weeks, they are killing me in life. I am not going to stop bothering and I am going to get to the last consequences, along with all those who are hurt by Agus’s departure, “he said.

Femicide of Agustina Fernández: the young woman was seriously attacked in an apartment in Cipolletti

Agustina Fernández was a 19-year-old girl who had come to Cipolletti to study for a degree. She was in her first year of medicine at the UNCo School of Medical Sciences. During an alleged robbery in an apartment in the complex where she lived, she was beaten.

The young woman remained hospitalized in the Cipolletti hospital until Tuesday, July 5, when the doctors determined that she was brain dead. Since Agustina was an express donor, the family proceeded with the donation. After a major ablation operation, the young woman’s organs were transferred by Incucai personnel to Buenos Aires.

December 23 of the year 2022 the court ordered the arrest of Pablo Parrawho is accused of charges of aggravated femicide for having been committed with treachery.

According to prosecution theory, on July 2, Parra entered through the back of his home. He then entered the house and attacked Agustina, beating her until she was unconscious. The injuries caused her a head injury, three days later she died at the Cipolletti hospital.

After committing the femicide, to support his alibi, he messed up a sector of the bedroom, took his cell phone and Agustina’s and escaped from where he entered. Once outside the apartment, he got into his car and went shopping, making card payments in order to reinforce his alibi.

He returned to the apartment and when he entered and saw Agustina lying on the floor, he feigned surprise and went to a neighbor’s house to tell him that the young woman had been injured. There they notified the authorities about an alleged robbery.

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