The Truth About Cony Capelli and Pincoya: Big Brother Chile Winner Speaks Out

2023-12-21 01:44:44

The winner of Big Brother Chile confessed that she was upset by some comments she saw from Pincoya after leaving confinement.

The reality show ended, but there are still some impressions of what happened in the confinement from the last participants who left the house, who were also the public’s favorites, it is about Cony Capelli and Jennifer, alias “Pincoya”, Galvarini.

Although they were very close during the program despite having their differences, There were things they didn’t find out about while they were inside the house.but they could see them when they came out.

Now, Constanza Capelli referred to the comments that Pincoya made in the reality show that she did not know about at the time. It was on the podcast Big Spywhat She revealed that she had seen some videos that upset her, although her anger was not enough to break ties with her friend..

“I am super honest, Obviously I was surprised by certain things, but I let time pass a little, and that emotion didn’t take me away, didn’t invade me.“, recognized the winner of the program.

Capelli confessed that when he saw the videos “I said: ‘How angry, why?’, but then I thought: ‘Yeah, but it’s over.’ Just as she said things, I did too.”

Despite this, he chose to keep the good moments he shared with Pincoya during the bull run. “I prefer to keep the pretty and the goodso I did see things, but as I told you, I decide to keep the beautiful things,” he concluded.

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