Virginia’s daughter from Massive Brother gained the home: what her mom stated

This Tuesday in Massive Brother, Virginia Demo’s daughter gained the prefabricated home after acquiring 53.3% optimistic votes. After a head-to-head with Martín Ku’s good friend (who received 46.7% of the votes), Delfina celebrated her victory in a flood of tears and hugged her mom tightly as a result of, due to her, she grew to … Read more

He became a grandfather and returns to singing – 2024-03-06 21:37:58

Prodromos Kathiniotis is releasing his new song entitled “Dene speros” by Matthias Giannoulis and on this occasion the finalist of Big Brother 1 talks to the camera of Super Katerina. What are his relations today with his teammate, Giorgos Triantafyllidis (Tsakas), and what happened in the years of his absence? “The decision was not too … Read more

Rosina confronted Alan and he rejected her

2023-12-21 16:17:24 A week ago everything seemed to indicate thatLove was emerging between two Big Brother contestants: Alan and Rosina. Although she had also been seen very close to Joel, she established a closer friendship with the Chivilcoy participant. So much so that the program’s participants began to notice her chemistry and make jokes about … Read more

The Truth About Cony Capelli and Pincoya: Big Brother Chile Winner Speaks Out

2023-12-21 01:44:44 The winner of Big Brother Chile confessed that she was upset by some comments she saw from Pincoya after leaving confinement. The reality show ended, but there are still some impressions of what happened in the confinement from the last participants who left the house, who were also the public’s favorites, it is … Read more

Changchun Yatai U21 Team Winter Training in Haikou: 2024 Season Preparation

2023-12-20 12:23:00 Original title: Following the big brother of the first team, Changchun Yatai U21 team gathered in Haikou to complete the first practice The Changchun Yatai first team gathered in Haikou for only 4 days, and the Changchun Yatai U21 team also went south to Haikou to enter the winter training preparation period for … Read more

Boca World Revolution: Chiquito Romero’s Big Brother Surprise Sparks Social Media Frenzy

2023-12-20 03:12:51 The Boca World is experiencing revolutionized moments. After the triumph of Juan Román Riquelme in last Sunday’s elections, important announcements are expected regarding the sporting and institutional future. However, this Tuesday, Xeneize was an unexpected trend: Chiquito Romero was present on Big Brother and revolutionized social networks. Read also: Oscar Ruggeri’s reaction when … Read more

Martín, the Viedma participant, is the new leader in Big Brother: what are its benefits

2023-12-20 03:21:54 The participant of Big Brother native of Viedma, Martín Kuwon over Alan and Agostina in the leader’s test this Tuesday and will enjoy a series of benefits, including, immunity for the nomination gala. In a competition full of drama, the little brothers They had to move an object in pure balance across the … Read more