the two suspects, including Pierre D., the ex-partner and father-in-law of the two victims, under arrest warrant for murder

This is Pierre D., 50, the ex-partner and father-in-law of the two victims, who had previously been arrested and charged, but had been acquitted by the indictment chamber. The second suspect is a 39-year-old Congolese living in Brussels. He is suspected of having killed the victims on behalf of Pierre D.

The lifeless bodies of Magali W. and Coline were discovered on March 24 in Kraainem, in the accommodation they shared with Pierre D. The relationship he had had with Magali W. for several years had ended.

It was Pierre D., himself, who alerted the emergency services the evening of the facts when he discovered a pool of blood in the entrance hall of the home. They discovered the lifeless bodies of the two victims who had succumbed to several stab wounds. Magali W.’s vehicle and the mobile phones of the two victims had disappeared. Despite this, there is nothing to suggest that it was a burglary, said the prosecution.

After the discovery of the double murder, Pierre D., who works at RTBF as a sound engineer, was immediately suspected and arrested. He denied the facts and said he had spent the night with a friend in Etterbeek. The friend in question confirmed his presence during two interrogations.

The indictment chamber released Pierre D. on May 5, although it had clues that could incriminate him, but these were not serious enough to keep him in pre-trial detention, according to the prosecution.

Pierre D.’s lawyer will not comment on the new detention of his client for the moment.

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