The US condemned the acts of violence, harassment and intimidation against the interim president of Venezuela Juan Guaidó

Enraged Chavistas savagely attacked Juan Guaido

“For the second time in a few weeks, interim president Juan Guaidó was attacked in Venezuela. The United States is deeply concerned and condemns these escalating acts of violence, harassment and intimidation against Interim President Guaidó and all those who defend democracy,” said US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

Blinquen’s message of support is added to that of the Undersecretary of the United States Department of State for Latin America, Brian Nichols, and that of the Secretary General of the OAS who denounced the violent attack on Guaidó perpetrated by Chavista groups last Saturday afternoon. .

The Venezuelan opponent was savagely attacked by a group of Chavistas during his visit to Cojedes state (west). Guaidó’s team assured that The aggression came from followers of Chavismo, several of them armed. The Chavistas beat, insulted, pushed and threw objects at the leader who was inside an establishment.

In a message broadcast through Twitter by the National Communication Center, the opposition’s official press account, they assured that a former pro-government deputy led the “attack by armed Chavista gangs” against Guaidó.

“My greatest fear is that Juan ends up in jail or murdered and that happens frequently in Venezuela,” said Fabiana Rosales, Guaidó’s wife, after the violent attack. “It was a violent armed ambush led by PSUV leaders. An attack on his life and that of the team, ”said Rosales in dialogue with the Argentine Metro radio.

Like Blinken, Rosales recalled that this is the third time in a week that Chavistas have attacked the opposition. “In Zulia, they were ambushed twice. And the regime always tries to spread the word that they were escraches, but they are attacks,” added Rosales.

Guaidó’s wife recalled that the Maduro regime murders and that is why they are being investigated today at the International Criminal Court. “They use the state police to persecute, to kill. I have a regime patrol at the door of my house every day, they are harassment and persecution police, to generate anxiety, to follow us and know what we do 24 hours a day.”

The former anti-Chavista deputy Freddy Guevara, who celebrated that Guaidó continued with the tour despite the aggression, showed photographs in which he identifies some of the participants in the violent acts, as well as Guaidó himself leaving an establishment held by several people and with a torn shirt.

The former candidate of the PSUV for the governorship of Cojedes, Nosliw Rodríguez, was one of those who commanded the attack against Guaidó

He also crossed those who minimized the episode: “I see confused people (and unfortunately people spreading that): Guaidó was not taken out of a restaurant by disgruntled Venezuelans. Nor was it a restaurant (it was a meeting space). And they were not ordinary citizens but of the regime. It was an ambush.”

“This attack ordered from Miraflores not only put the life and physical integrity of President Guaidó and his team of collaborators at risk, but it is an attack against the entire democratic political leadership in Venezuela,” the opposition group denounced.

The statement details that, in addition to Guaidó, during the incident, several members of the team were beaten and that the vehicle in which the leader was traveling “received several bullet wounds.”

The opposition called what happened a “violent and cowardly attack,” for which it blamed militants of the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) and “armed groups,” the statement added.

Last night, Guaidó spoke briefly, in a statement that was transmitted through social networks, to inform that he did not suffer serious injuries and that he was already back in Caracas.

The interim president said that Venezuelans are not going to normalize the aggression or the dictatorship and that is why they will continue in the streets demanding their rights


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