“There are also new opportunities in terms of roles”

In May, Nyári Dia, an actress and content creator, will turn thirty years old. She has been helping others achieve success in running as a coach for a few years now. However, the road to this point was long and bumpy, moreover, Dia was avoided by several roles due to her old shape.

Summer Dia does not hide the fact that she also sought medical help before losing a lot of weight. “In retrospect, I now encourage everyone to definitely go to a specialist before changing their lifestyle, especially if someone like me, who used to do anything, just couldn’t lose weight easily,” he said honestly in the cover interview given to GLAMOR magazine.

“It started after the birth of my son, he was about four or five months old, when I embarked on the lifestyle change. The medical help made me realize that due to my existing insulin resistance, I need to deal with the issue even more consistently.”

The actress says that not only her appearance, but also her personality has changed a lot thanks to the change in lifestyle. He has improved a lot during this time, now he believes in himself much more.

“There were also new opportunities in terms of roles, which probably wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t made a decision about my shape. As much as it hurts to say it, the appearance of an actress also affects what roles are assigned to her. My former self would probably never have been given the role of Betty in Hotel Margaret, who had to appear in a bikini in almost every scene. There are roles where you have to strip down, if I had remained the L-girl I was before, I probably wouldn’t have found this role. There’s nothing wrong with someone having fuller figures, you just have to realize that it’s also a role category, and it’s not good if you don’t want it at the same time, or it turns into self-flagellation. In my early to mid-twenties, I was rejected from many opportunities because I was rounder. But I’m not mad at myself for that,” he adds.

One of Dia’s great loves since then is long-distance running. “If someone had told me a few years ago that this would define my everyday life, I would probably have laughed at it. I used to hate running, I was a synchronized swimmer as a teenager, we had to run because of the increase in lung capacity, but I didn’t like it. To this day, I still love the smell of chlorine, I love swimming and diving, you can’t pull me out of the water during vacations, yet it turned out that running has now become the sport in my life in which I can fulfill myself to the fullest. For a long time, I did not understand what drives other people, why they are able to indulge in this passion even in the heat of the day and in the cold. Today I know exactly that feeling.”

The full interview can be read in the May-June issue of GLAMOR magazine.

Photo: GLAMOUR/ Gergő Pejkó

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