Is the consumer the reason behind the price hike? An economist answers and clarifies the role of the Ministry of Commerce in that

Al-Marsad newspaper: The economic writer, Muhammad Al-Suwaid, revealed the main reasons that led to the rise in commodity prices, and the factors affecting consumer behavior.

And Sweden said, during his appearance on mbc1 channel: “Demands to boycott prices are existing trends that occur from time to time regarding the rise in the prices of some commodities, but they will not have a radical effect.”

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He added, “The boycott that affects, is when consumers’ behavior changes after a period of time, and prices continue to rise in their current form.”

He continued, “Many people hold the Ministry of Commerce responsible for the rise in commodity prices, but this is not its role. Throughout the past period, the influence on prices and their control always came from the higher leadership.”

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He pointed out that “there will be some kind of government support in the coming period in return for affecting prices, and the ministry’s role is to represent merchants and improve the commercial environment.”

He stressed that: “With this great development, we need a consumer protection authority that has a more legislative and executive role than the current Consumer Association.”

Al-Suwaid Th explained: “The existing association does not have an independent legislative role, and it is like the rest of the government agencies, but its role is limited before the Ministry of Commerce, and any interference with it in prices or profits may be repelling the sector.”

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The economic writer pointed out that consumers cannot be directed to change their behavior, as this issue is up to them, but the best advice for them is to look for suitable alternatives or change their eating habits.

Reason Height

He concluded his speech: “The issue has nothing to do with trade, but with the laws that countries put in place, or the extent of competition in markets, and the consumer is not the main reason behind the price hike, but rather it is a global rise due to the Corona pandemic and the Ukrainian crisis.

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