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They arrest two who tried to hide the body of a minor in a garbage can

by archyde

Juarez City.– Two alleged murderers were captured by municipal police on Saturday night, when they tried to dispose of the lifeless body of a teenager, who was put in a plastic garbage can, reported operational staff of the Ministry of Public Security (SSPM) .

At 11:02 p.m., personnel from the Emergency and Immediate Response Center (CERI) received a citizen call alerting them to a possible homicide in a house located on Ojo de Talamás and Hacienda Poniente streets in the Valle de Allende subdivision, as far as they went. the agents of unit 504 of the Valle District, to investigate, informed a commander of the corporation.

The uniformed men were received by two people who tried to attack them, for which they had to subdue them by force and they observed that their clothes were stained with blood, said the District Coordinator of the SSPM.

After arresting them and taking them to the patrol car, the policemen made a review of a blue drum that was outside the house, which had blood stains and where there were clothes on the body of a minor, he said.

They notified the State Investigation Agency (AEI) of the violent act, which sent field experts to the scene, who worked for almost two hours processing the crime scene.

The probable murderers, of whom no information was provided, were made available to the AEI this morning.

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