Nadine Nassib Njeim to these, congratulations to the block in advance

Lebanese actress Nadine Nassib Njeim expressed her anger after the increase in fake accounts.

Nadine Nassib Njeim wrote, through her account on the social networking site, in which he said: “It is as if two days are the fake accounts of the mischievous people (they are evil) … I understood you very well, congratulations to the block in advance.”
On the other hand, Nadine had excited the audience in a previous publication of the series Zahra Salon in its second part, where she published pictures from behind the scenes of filming, stressing that she is preparing for a new confrontation this season, and she will definitely overcome her counterpart, as she said in a comment: “And Zahra came back on the scene, what did you say will happen? Who will you chop once?” She also described her character and appearance as “original”, meaning spontaneous naturalness. She said: “Ye show original, hello, yes show original, Zahra Salon will soon be on Shahid.”

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