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Napoli manager, Kim Min-jae selection notice “There will be no major changes”

by archyde

[골닷컴] Reporter Dong-ho Kim = Min-jae Kim, who won the Serie A Player of the Month award in September, is likely to participate in the Champions League match.

Naples won the Serie A round 9 away match of the 2022/23 season 3-1 against Turin at the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium in Naples, Italy on the 1st at 10 pm (Korean time). In addition to the multi-goal of André-Frank Zambo Anguisa, Hvizza Kvaratshelia scored three points.

Napoli, who won that day, continued undefeated in their opening eight matches and firmly maintained their first place (6 wins, 2 draws, 20 points). Naples will play Ajax (Netherlands) against Ajax (Netherlands) on the 5th.

After the Turin match, Napoli manager Luciano Spalletti said at a press conference: “It’s not going to change much between today and Tuesday. I will go out with an optimal condition and a clean mind.”

In this match, Napoli are Kvaratshelia, Zambo Anguisa, Giacomo Raspadori, Matteo Politano and Piotr Zielinski. Stanislav Robotka, Kim Min-jae, Amir Rahmani, and Giovanni Di Lorenzo were the starting players.

Among them, Kim Min-jae’s performance was outstanding this time as well. Kim Min-jae held the Serie A Player of the Month award ceremony before the game. In a situation where his mood was up, he once again showed the side of a monster defender against Turin. He kept his concentration in the box until the end, blocking opponents without making a mistake, and with his quick feet he was able to cover his back space easily. He recorded 7 kicks and 4 blocks of shots, 2 interceptions and 1 successful tackle, and won 5 competitive fights. The pass success rate was 85% (29 out of 34 attempts).

According to Spalletti’s words, Kim Min-jae is highly likely to start in the Ajax game as well. Napoli are leading the Champions League group with two wins in a row against Liverpool and Rangers. If they beat Ajax, they will cross the ridgeline of the ninth division in the round of 16 with three straight wins.

Therefore, Spalletti mentioned the possibility of mobilizing all the main players. Kim Min-jae is undergoing a forced march, playing against Turin and Ajax after playing two consecutive matches in September full-time. Despite his forced march, he is dedicated to every game without showing any signs of fatigue.

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