They capture the mother and stepfather of a child who was found dead in the Huancayo cave | EDITION

At around 11 p.m. yesterday, Tuesday, the mother and stepfather of the who was found dead in a cave in the Huasicancha district, Huancayo province, arrived at the Divincri headquarters in Huancayo, guarded by police officers from the Huancayo Trafficking in Persons and Disappeared Persons Unit. “I didn’t kill him,” she pointed out.

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It was learned that the woman and her partner were captured after the National Police found evidence that led them to suspect that both would be involved in the crime of the minor who, according to the autopsy, would have died by drowning. Clearly, the body of the minor would have been hidden in the place since it is a place that is not very busy and far from any tributary.

As it is recalled, the boy would have disappeared since Monday, March 14, after he accompanied his mother to wash clothes in the river, however, the complaint was filed with the Chongos Alto police station in Huancayo, only on Thursday, March 17, three days later and apparently due to pressure from neighbors and relatives, surprised at not seeing the child. The next day, it was a villager who was looking for material to make his hut, who found the infant inside the cave located in the Moradayo area, giving notice to the police, The removal of the body was done on Saturday 19.

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“On March 17, the police from the Chongos Alto police station became aware of the disappearance of a minor. The search was carried out with the DEPINCRI and the minor was found on Friday night, the 18th, inside a cave in the Huasicancha district,” the head of the Junín Police region, PNP Colonel Colin Sim Galván, reported that day. The couple spends the night in the Divincri prison.


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