They will replace the manager of the Pope Francis Hospital

January 23, 2023 – 23:56
The Minister of Health assured that this decision is not linked to the case of the pregnant woman who was denied assistance.

After a woman gave birth on the sidewalk of the Papa Francisco hospital because she was denied care, the Ministry of Health of the Province decided to replace the general manager of the institution, Daniel Mamaní.

It was announced that the change will take place on February 3, in an act with provincial authorities. Until yesterday the name of Mamaní’s replacement was unknown, although the Minister of Public Health, Federico Mangione, assured The Tribune that “he is a doctor who previously worked at the hospital”.

The minister tried to unlink the replacement from the fact that had national repercussions and said that the change has to do with transformations that were already being analyzed for several hospitals.

“We are looking for another look, we want to make the hospital multipurpose and this is the first change,” said the official.


He also added that the decision was well accepted by Daniel Mamaní and that he agreed with this measure that, according to the minister, will be applied in several of the departments of hospitals in the north of the province: “It is something that was already projected but that accelerated,” Mangione added.

Regarding the case of Luna, the baby who was born outside the hospital, the minister assured that “she will continue to be monitored” and that she will move forward with the administrative investigation of the employee involved in the incident.

“I am not going to cut the fine grain, I am going to go to the bone of the problem, because this cannot be allowed,” the minister concluded.


The father of the baby born at the door of the Papa Francisco hospital testified yesterday at the Prosecutor’s Office and confirmed that they denied medical attention to his partner and daughter.

The complaint was ratified and expanded by the man, who also gave other details of the bad time his family had at the gates of the hospital in the southeast area.

He provided a description of the person who treated him on duty at the hospital and reported the transfer of both, wife and daughter, to the Maternal and Child Public Hospital for care.

In relation to the state of health of both, the man stated that they were already discharged after being treated at the Maternal and Child Hospital. However, the baby suffered a clavicle fracture and her evolution will have to be closely monitored in the coming weeks.


The Public Ministry reported in turn that the criminal prosecutor Analía Adet Figueroa was the one who intervened in the case last Friday after being notified of the event that occurred at the Papa Francisco hospital and that it was denounced by an individual.

Within this framework, it established a series of directives tending to continue with the investigation and determine what happened, such as the survey of witnesses that arose from the statements already received at police and prosecutor headquarters, an interview with personnel from the Papa Francisco hospital and information on other issues. relevant to the cause.

Among the first measures, Adet Figueroa ordered the corroboration of the health status of the mother and the newborn through a legal doctor, detailing if they had injuries and if they were at risk of life.

He also requested the medical records and asked to take a testimonial statement from the mother of the minor, who confirmed what her husband had denounced.

Medical report

The Prosecutor’s Office also requested information on the result of the legal medical report, to be sent the list of personnel who were performing functions at the time and of the personnel in charge of receiving emergencies or patients on duty.

The delivery of the film records of the hospital, which are already incorporated into the case, was also requested through the Guarantee Court on duty.

The scene of the mother giving birth on the sidewalk was recorded in a video filmed by another woman, sensitized by what was happening. The material went viral and had national repercussions in recent days.

New services

The Ministry of Health reported that the Papa Francisco hospital, located in the southern part of the city, will once again be multipurpose, as it was initially.

The health center emerged as a space to address various health problems, but during the pandemic it became a care center for patients with COVID-19.

“As we are already more comfortable in the epidemiological situation, the decision was made to make it multipurpose again,” said the Minister of Health, Federico Mangione.

The hospital will again provide services such as urology, traumatology, adult and pediatric general surgery, ophthalmology, medical clinic, rheumatology, infectious diseases, gynecology and obstetrics. Also, neonatology, speech therapy, pulmonology, psychology, nutrition, cardiology, dentistry and pediatrics, among others.

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