This is how Bizarrap looks without glasses or a cap: the Argentine producer Gonzalo Julián Conde prefers to hide his identity because for him “it was never necessary to show his face” | People | Entertainment

He producer Argentinian Shaving achieved great worldwide recognition thanks to his music and talent, although his identity is somewhat hidden behind his trademark dark glasses and a cap with the inscription “BZRP”.

However, his recent success with Shakira in session #53 aroused the curiosity of his followers and the press, so they began to circulate Photographs yours in the social networks without these accessories, so reported Clarion.

This is how Bizarrap looks without his characteristic glasses

Although there are several images of Bizarrap without his usual glasses and cap, he prefers to keep his identity hidden. In a interview with the Spanish youtuber River Llanosexplained that it was never necessary to show his face for his music to be successful.

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“It was never necessary for me to show my face for the product that I make to do well,” said the Argentine DJ and producer. Likewise, he said that he prefers to keep his personal life separate from his career to feel calm when walking down the street without being recognized by the fans.

“I want to go out and be calm. I speak of Bizarrap in the third person because for me Bizarrap is one thing and my life is another. I feel that way and when I go down the street without this I am calmer. A fanatic can pass by my side and not realize it, ”she commented.

However, all kinds of speculations are always generated on social networks about the decision to hide his face with the most varied designs of glasses, which hide his physiognomy.

Some say that the producer could have some facial deformity or some complex in relation to his appearance. Others say it’s a marketing ploy to keep attention on their musical work.

Bizarrap’s success and recognition as a DJ and music producer

Gonzalo Julián Conde, better known as Bizarrap, was born on August 28, 1998 in Ramos Mejiaprovince of Buenos Aires. Since childhood he showed interest in music, which is why he began to produce his own songs in his room with a computer and a microphone.

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In 2017, Bizarrap begins to gain recognition in the music scene Argentina for his remixes of songs by popular artists. One of her first successes was with the song “Ahora dice” by Chris Jeday.

Then, in 2018, he released his first original track, “BZRP Music Sessions #1”, which included his voice rapping over a beat of his own production. This session marked the start of what would become his trademark.

Thanks to these musical sessions, the producer has already collaborated with different artists from the Argentine and international scene, including Nicky Jam, anuel aa, Resident, Nathy Peluso, Nicki Nicole, Shitamong others. (E)

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