This is how prices were in Roca after the YPF increase

2023-10-23 12:14:29

The YPF de Roca boards were modified first thing this Monday. A fuel increase It was around 3% in all YPF service stations in Roca. It was registered in a surprising way this morning, day after the elections.

Super gasoline increased seven pesos per liter in Roca, as it went from 226.70 pesos to 234, the current price as of this Monday. As for the Infinia, it almost hits 300 pesos, reaching a value of 297 pesos with the new increase.

Gasoline increased: fuel prices in Roca

-Super gasoline: from $226.70 to $234

-Infinia gasoline: from $288.3 to $297

-Infinia diesel: from $376 to $387

-Ultra diesel: from $292.40 to $301

Although a rumor had emerged about a possible increase, the action had not been confirmed. Until now, there are no certainties about what happened, Sector sources acknowledge that there could be a “small adjustment.”

From the Chamber of Fuel Distributors of Neuquén and Río Negro they clarified that in the early hours of this Monday They were conducting a survey to be able to report in greater detail what the outlook is.

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