Three Essential Winter Driving Tips for Safe Travel: A Guide from Vias Spokesperson

2023-11-22 14:36:22

Published on Wednesday July 26, 2023 at 2:30 p.m.

Driving during the winter season is sometimes difficult to understand for some drivers. Benoît Godart, spokesperson for Vias, offers three tips to ensure you travel safely.

Be in condition:

“When you decide to get behind the wheel when the roads present a certain danger, you have to be in good condition. For example, it is essential to take two minutes to completely defrost the vehicle’s windows. If you have a big down jacket, you also need to take the time to take it off to make yourself fully comfortable.”

A vehicle in order:

“Before starting off, you must ensure that the car is completely fit for the road. The advice I would give in this regard is the windshield washer fluid. During the winter period, even more than in summer, you must ensure that you have sufficient antifreeze water in the windshield washer in order to ensure good visibility during the journey. Equipping your vehicle with snow tires is also important even if it is not a guarantee of not having any snags on the road, which is sometimes capricious.”

Anticipate :

“This last piece of advice is undoubtedly the master of all the others. When driving in winter, there are risks inherent to the period and sometimes invisible. There are places more exposed than others. We need to be more vigilant. You have to ride cool. Leave early, accept arriving late. “.

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