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TikTok is rolling out a Dislike button

by archyde

A few months ago, TikTok launched a test with a small sample of users. In the idea of ​​fighting against unpleasant, even toxic comments, a button “ Dislike » (« I do not like “) appeared.

This feature is now being rolled out to all users. To the right of the usual little heart next to each comment, a thumbs-down pointing appears. If your account is compatible, you can report your dissatisfaction.

TikTok indicates in a series of tweets that it will be a form of direct feedback from the community, which will help to combat the toxicity that sometimes arises. According to the service, it’s all about promoting the good vibe… pointing out those responsible for the bad, if that makes sense.

To avoid overflow, TikTok will not display the number of “ dislikes » that a comment will have collected. In addition, in case of change of mind, we can remove this ugly thumb by pressing on it, or even replace it with a heart. Dislikes are also not visible to the person who posted the post. So there will be no notification.

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