Tiny House in Oberursel: Couple shows 14 square meter house

Is that a rolling post?

Dear ones, we are faced with a mystery. My partner and I are both self-employed as small businesses. You very fresh, I have been for a while. Now the thing is that she has started streaming and is making money through subscribers, coins and donations. In order to push them and to get the whole thing going, I donate every now and then and throw a few coins around, or sometimes give away a subscription. All of this as an entrepreneur and not privately. On streaming platforms, all the big streamers do it in such a way that A is in a good mood and B it ensures that other viewers do not forget to support something, since the streamers have to make a living from it. After every stream, I send my partner an invoice for all expenses and refund them to myself. So far so good. But now we are puzzling as to how we have to book the whole thing. At the moment we always do it as an expense at mi, invoice to her, she pays back the income from me. So it kind of makes the most sense, BUT what I didn’t consider is that we as small business owners have a turnover limit. Crap ^^ So I had dealt with the topic of continuous items, because in the end it would be exactly that. I will spend money on you (your money) and get the exact amount back. You only get bills for coins and subscriptions that you can give away, but as an American company, without a recipient on the bill. You only see the last digits of my credit card and the whole thing comes to my email address by email. I’ve already searched everything I don’t get my name on the bills. For whatever reason. There is nothing at all with donations. No bill nothing, as the money is sent 1 to 1 to the streamer and only a transaction fee is retained. This means that there is only proof of the debit from my credit card and, if necessary, the booking listing of the transactions of the streamer. I hope there are tax professionals among you who can help us 🙂 Can we book all of this as transitory items? And if so, do I still have to send my partner an invoice? Since she has to state the money as income and that actually goes out again as an expense? Or completely different? Or do we both still have to book everything as income and expenses, even though the money is actually just moving back and forth? Thank you very much for your help! Greetings and have a nice week for you!

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