Tom Van Grieken: Re-elected President of Vlaams Belang Amid Controversy and Allegations of Violence

2023-12-16 21:43:00

“This man filed a complaint against me because we allegedly showed violence. (…) I just made a statement to the police to tell them clearly that we will not allow ourselves to be intimidated,” explained Mr. Van Grieken. “Vlaams Belang has a heart for healthcare and a heart for the police, but not for the big guys who use violence to silence free speech.

Tom Van Grieken re-elected as president of Vlaams Belang with 97.7% of the vote

After the demonstration, the parties involved presented different versions of the facts. According to the police, the presence of the Vlaams Belangers caused unrest among the demonstrators and the force leadership decided to separate the group. “This was accompanied by unruly behavior, followed by pushing and shoving. The exact facts are still under internal review,” police spokeswoman Ilse Van de keere explained at the time.

Vlaams Belang said in a press release after the demonstration that police had prevented some party deputies from participating in the demonstration. In doing so, the party president, Tom Van Grieken, allegedly received a slap from a police officer.

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