Tomorrow: A large asteroid will approach Earth

The scientific framework specialized in astronomy in the City of Science in Tunisia, Iman Titohi, stated that the asteroid (7482) 1994 PC1 classified as “potentially dangerous” and orbiting the sun, which will approach the Earth tomorrow, Tuesday, will be at a safe distance that does not pose a danger to it, and this is an explanation What was published by the Science City in Tunis, today, Monday, quoting a tweet from the American space agency “NASA”, on Twitter.

And in a statement to the Tunis Africa News Agency, she indicated that this asteroid or meteorite with a diameter of 1 km will approach tomorrow at ten and 51 minutes at night, Tunisia time, at a speed of 70,415 km per hour and at a distance of 1.93 million km, which is 5 times farther from the moon than the Earth, which is The closest distance within the next 200 years, estimated to be safe and not dangerous on Earth.

She pointed out that this asteroid is among a group of nearby objects revolving around the sun, estimated at more than 28 thousand bodies, indicating that in the event of the fall of this asteroid, its fall would be a regional and continental disaster due to its large size.

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