Touching Bond: Monkey Mourns Man’s Death and Comforts Grieving Family in Rural India

2023-09-15 15:49:00


Everything has spirit. A man in rural India formed an indissoluble bond with a monkey by feeding him near his home. The relationship even lasted after the man’s death. The monkey showed up on the day of the funeral and mourned with the man’s relatives and friends. It even reached out to comfort the grieving family members. Others looked at it with both heart-warming and sad feelings.

According to the “Daily Star” report, the monkey walked to the house of his old friend Chandanlal Verma on the 10th, lifted the cloth covering Verma’s body, kept staring at the old friend’s face, and then laid his entire body on the On the ground, he made a gesture of kneeling down and paying homage to Velma, which surprised everyone.

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▲The monkey came to the man’s home to express his condolences. (Picture/reproduced from Twitter)

What’s even more surprising is that the monkey approached one of the crying women and put his hands on the woman’s knees, seemingly comforting the woman. The family members of the deceased revealed that Verma would leave crops in the hut during his lifetime to prevent nearby animals from starving, and he would share his food with monkeys in the house every day.

Animal experts said that the monkey’s behavior of staring at Verma’s remains was to confirm whether the other person had really passed away. A similar incident also occurred in Sri Lanka. After a man who fed monkeys every day died, the monkeys that were fed also appeared and stared at their friends in the coffin, then hugged and even kissed each other, and showed a sad face when moving the coffin.

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