Tragedy Strikes: Deadly Fire Engulfs Wedding Ceremony in Northern Iraq, Leaving Over 100 Dead and 150 Injured

2023-09-27 01:46:00

Hundreds of people were killed in a fire during a wedding ceremony in the northern Iraqi city of Hamdania. More than 150 people were injured. Officials say that firecrackers were burst inside the hall in connection with the wedding ceremony and sparks from this resulted in a major disaster.

According to the officials, the prefabricated panels in the hall where the wedding ceremony took place added to the momentum of the tragedy. It was found that non-compliant construction was done in the interior of the auditorium and low-quality materials that catch fire easily were used as part of the decoration.

An AFP photographer also said several ambulances were seen rushing to the auditorium where the accident occurred, with the death toll likely to rise. The injured were admitted to a hospital in Hamdania.

fire during wedding in Iraq,100 Killed,150 injured

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