Tragedy Strikes on Eid al-Adha: The Killing of an Innocent Child Rocks Aden

2023-06-28 10:30:00
Sorrow descended on the capital, Aden, on the morning of the first day of Eid al-Adha, after what happened yesterday (the day of Arafa) from a light traffic accident that developed into the killing and bloodshed of an innocent four-year-old girl.

The sources told Aden Time that a simple traffic accident occurred to brother Ibrahim al-Bakri and another person from the Harhara family in Mansoura, so that the other person got out of his car and fired a barrage of bullets at al-Bakri’s car, thus directly ending the life of the child Hanin and injuring her sister Rawia.

Today, the tribes of Sultan bin Harhara flocked to the house of al-Bakri and said, “Take him for retribution.” They agreed on fair retribution, according to those close to them.

While the notables of the Bin Harhara tribe unanimously agreed to hand him over to the judiciary to take its course, the Bani Bakr family demanded retribution without delay.

The pioneers of social networking sites expressed their deep sorrow at this great tragedy and their denunciation of the crime, calling for the speedy trial of the perpetrator and the implementation of retribution, so that the case becomes a case of (public opinion) and receives wide interaction with it.

Activist Saeed Al-Yafei said that there is a father in pain this morning wondering what sin he committed so that his life would cost him the loss of his daughter. I ask God Almighty to make his heart ache for your daughter. You deprive us of the joy of the feast for your sake. Your feast is more beautiful in heaven, Hanin.

Lawyer pleading in the courts of the Republic, Amjad Rabie, said that whoever killed the child Haneen Ibrahim Al-Bakri, the killer of Eid joy in Aden, must have an urgent trial after completing the legal procedures by the security services and the Public Prosecution.

The legal advisor, Anwar Al-Jaouf, addressed all parties, saying, “If your conscience does not shake this child, you have no conscience towards the homeland.”

Activist Hamdan Al-Qaiti confirmed that the killer of the child, the angel Haneen Al-Bakri, was transferred to the Criminal Investigation Department in the Khormaksar Directorate, and with all of you standing by public opinion, this issue has become a major concern of the higher leaderships.

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