Tragic Construction Site Accident in Sao Paulo, Brazil – Investigation Underway

2023-10-19 08:05:04

A building structure suddenly collapsed at a construction site in Sao Paulo, Brazil, killing one person. (Picture/reproduced from YouTube/UOL)

An accident occurred at a construction site in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The connecting building structure between two buildings suddenly collapsed, causing eight workers to hang 140 meters in the air. After receiving the report, the police immediately rushed to the scene for rescue. Unfortunately, one worker was still there. The worker died from his injuries.

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, a local 33-story high-rise building under construction suffered an industrial safety accident on the afternoon of Tuesday (17th). At that time, the steel structure connecting the two towers suddenly collapsed, leaving many workers hanging dangerously 140 meters in the air. He desperately grabbed the hanging cable with both hands to save his life.

After the police received the report, they urgently dispatched more than 10 fire trucks and a helicopter to rescue. Regrettably, one of the workers could not hold up and fell to the ground. He died of his injuries before the police arrived, and the other worker After being rescued, he suffered from multiple pains all over his body and was sent to the emergency room for treatment.

In this regard, the construction company responsible for the construction project issued a statement stating that although relevant safety protection measures were set up during the construction, it still caused unfortunate casualties. The police have launched an investigation into the detailed cause of the accident, and the company will fully cooperate with the investigation. .

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