Advanced HPV DNA Test: Convenient Self-Examination for Cervical Cancer Risk

2023-10-19 09:33:00

However, at present Medical technology has developed the HPV DNA Test, which uses modern technology to test at the DNA level to find high-risk HPV types to identify risk or pre-cancerous conditions. The same sample will be collected but using powerful laboratory equipment to identify HPV directly from its DNA. The advantage is that the test can be spaced out for up to 5 years if the test results do not find the infection. And can identify the risk of cervical cancer and has a sensitivity in detecting the disease up to 92 percent.

However, many people may be unsure whether self-examination will be as effective as a doctor’s exam or not.Dr. Jadej Thamthatcharee, Secretary-General of the National Health Security Office (NHSO). It is stated that the HPV DNA Test is a very effective test. This means that it can be examined down to the DNA level. Just having a small sample attached will be able to detect the risk of disease.. From the data collection it was found that the results were similar. Or it’s almost no different from going to get a cervical cancer screening with a doctor at the hospital!

Dr. Jadet also emphasized that NHSO supports HPV DNA Testing, which in addition to giving good results, It also encourages people to be able to screen themselves. And it is believed that in addition to cervical cancer screening, there will be testing kits for other diseases. Many more have come out due to medical advances. If people can rely on themselves to a certain extent. It will help reduce the burden on doctors and hospitals in another way..

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Those who should have the HPV DNA Test are between the ages of 35-60 years, and this group is at high risk. Including those who have early menstruation or late menopause. From statistics, it is significant that they are a group at risk for cervical cancer. However, the HPV DNA Test does not have a complicated process. Can do it yourself For the test kit, there will be a sheet with instructions on how to use it. Or there is a manual as additional video clips as well.

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