Recent Clashes on Lebanese-Israeli Border: Updates and Analysis

2023-10-19 16:42:19

Clashes on the Lebanese border between Israel and Hezbollah have continued on a daily basis since the start of the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, 2023. But so far, they are limited to several towns along the border between Lebanon and Israel. The exchange of fire left twenty Lebanese dead, most of them fighters, in addition to a journalist and civilians. Three people were also killed on the Israeli side. Israel began evacuating thousands of residents from 28 towns in the north of the country following the border clashes.

Published on: 10/19/2023 – 18:42

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This is at a time when the Lebanese Hezbollah warned its “opponents” that it had become “thousands of times stronger” than before, while its fighters exchanged fire on the border with Israeli forces in acts of violence fueled by the war between the Palestinian Islamic resistance movement Hamas and Israel.

In light of the exchange of strikes, on Thursday morning, October 19, Israel targeted the villages of Kfar Shuba and Al-Adisa in southern Lebanon. Hezbollah announced that it had targeted an Israeli army position on the border, and announced the killing of two of its members.

For its part, the Israeli army announced that it had eliminated a “terrorist cell” that had fired mortar shells towards its territory from Lebanon. He indicated in a statement that he responded to the firing of anti-tank missiles that targeted villages in northern Israel.

Earlier on Wednesday, sirens sounded in northern Israel, and the army said that “nine shells crossed Lebanese territory towards Israel.” He also announced that he killed at least four attackers during an infiltration attempt on its border with Lebanon.

The international community fears the expansion of the conflict between the Iranian-backed Lebanese Hezbollah and the Israeli army. Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hagari said, “We are on alert and vigilance in the north. If Hezbollah commits a serious mistake, we will respond with great force.”

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