“Tragic Loss: Lieutenant Red Label Succumbs to Heat Stroke While on Duty in Uniform. Request to Care for Aging Mother Still Pending.”

A police lieutenant in Samut Prakan Province suffered a fatal heat stroke in his bedroom at Bang Bo Police Station. The officer, Lt. Special Dao Rueang, had been on duty at the Bang Bo intersection area facilitating traffic when he began to feel dizzy and exhausted due to the hot weather. Despite the urging of his colleagues to seek medical help, he refused, fearing for his son who was a special child left alone in their room. When his condition deteriorated, he was found lying face down and unconscious, and was later declared dead from heat stroke. Lt. Special Dao had been a dedicated police officer, loved by his superiors and colleagues, and had recently been promoted. He had long wanted to move back to his hometown to care for his elderly mother and special needs son, but his transfer request had been ignored until this tragedy. His colleagues and local authorities have hosted a merit-making ceremony and cremation, and are currently providing assistance to his family.

Very sad in the whole hotel Heat stroke kills red label lieutenant Went out to hitchhike since morning. Headache returned to the room, falling tight, the whole uniform Sadly, I want to move back to my hometown to take care of my elderly mother. many rounds still not approved Sick children, special children are orphaned alone.

On April 14, 2023, reporters reported a tragic incident, Lt. Lt. Special Dao Rueang, deputy police station at Bang Bo police station. Samut Prakan Province Shocked, lost consciousness before death from heat stroke or heat stroke in the room on the 4th floor, Bang Bo Police Station flat, amid the regrets of the superiors and fellow police officers.

Lt. Maj. Mongkhon Srisupha, commander of the Traffic Division, Bang Bo Police Station, revealed that this morning, a special lieutenant colonel and he was on duty to facilitate traffic. Bang Bo intersection area While on duty, they continued to hitchhike as usual. Until after 8 o’clock, the weather started to get hotter and more stuffy. Not long ago, the group came and said exhaustion dizzy due to hot weather Therefore allowing them to stay in the traffic box will take them to the hospital But the platoon said that he would not go. because he was worried about his son who was a special child Staying in a room alone and then led them back to their room

I rested on the 2nd floor, while the platoon was on the 4th floor. After 10 minutes, the junior police came to call and said that the platoon was unconscious in front of the room. I hurried up to look and found my son sitting and shaking himself, calling his father to wake him up in a state of lying face down. When he turned it upside down, he found that his face was starting to turn green. Help pump the heart and call an ambulance to the hospital. The doctor tried to stimulate the heart and help as best he could. Finally died peacefully. Lieutenant was considered a diligent police officer and had been at this police station since graduating from college. Be loved by colleagues and superiors.

  Heatstroke, Lt.

Maj. Mongkhon tells with tears. Special Lt. Lt. Lt. Special just got a new rank of Lt. Lt. Lt. on April 1, after graduating from the 43rd Provincial Police School, Region 7. came to serve as a police officer at Bang Bo Police Station The only place, including almost 40 years of civil service, is a person who loves colleagues. He is diligent and quite serious about his work. Throughout my life as a police officer, I have never vilified or vilified anyone. either the police or the public

Married, have a family, but separate from each other, wife has a 21-year-old son who is a special child. In the past, the children would be brought to their mothers to raise them in their hometown, Chaiyaphum Province. This year, you have to enlist in the military. And must bring their identity to confirm with the staff of the military selection division So he went to pick up his son to live with the intention of returning after Songkran. In the past, he always complained that he wanted to go back to work in his hometown to take care of his mother and son. but have made a request to move for many years It was not considered until the tragedy.

Police Commissioner

Lt. Col. Thanongsak Wangwan, traffic inspector at Bang Bo Police Station, stated he was shocked and saddened by the loss. because it is considered an old policeman of Bang Bo Police Station, as for the story that made the request to move back to his hometown is true The proposal has been made a few times but has not yet been considered. While helping the police family, Bang Bo Police Station and the Commander-in-Chief of Samut Prakan Province jointly host the body and set up a merit-making ceremony as well as the cremation


Due to the current family Only the mother of the platoon remained in her hometown and grew old. Also, platoon is the pillar of the family. But when he left, there was no one to come and take care of the funeral arrangements. As for offering family assistance to the police, it is still in progress. Preliminarily tomorrow, the body will be taken and watered at 5:00 p.m. at Wat Bang Bo, then there will be an Abhidhamma prayer ceremony.

The tragic death of Lt. Lt. Special Dao Rueang serves as a haunting reminder of the dangers that our brave police officers face on a daily basis. This dedicated officer, who had recently been promoted, was loved and respected by his colleagues and superiors alike. His passing has left a void in the hearts of all who knew him. Lt. Dao Rueang’s story is one of sacrifice and devotion to duty, as he worked tirelessly to serve and protect the people of his community. As we mourn this great loss, let us remember that our police officers put their lives on the line every day in service to their fellow citizens. May he rest in peace, and may his legacy inspire us all to strive for a better, safer world.

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