Tragic Love Story in Al-Mughayyir: The Impact of Settler Attacks on Palestinian Lives – Le Temps

2024-04-21 15:09:43

Published on April 21, 2024 at 5:09 p.m. / Modified on April 21, 2024 at 6:33 p.m.

In the courtyard of an old stone house, on plastic chairs, women exchange dates and coffee. The silence is heavy, the atmosphere heavy, the faces closed: all surround a young Palestinian woman dressed in black from head to toe. “He was far too young to die,” one of them whispers, kissing him warmly. Abrar Abu Alia delicately wipes a tear from her finger, on which hangs a small green box that allows her to count the prayers she repeats. “The day before, Jihad showed me furniture to prepare for our move,” sighs the young woman. “Together we talked about the future, never about death. Our wedding was planned in two months.”

Abrar now has the status of a widow even though she is only 20 years old. Her fiancé, Jihad Abu Alia, 25, was killed on Friday April 12 during mass attacks by settlers and Israeli army soldiers in Al-Mughayyir and other villages near Ramallah. In three days, three more Palestinians were killed and 75 injured. That famous Friday, a few hours earlier, a 14-year-old Israeli boy from the neighboring outpost of Malachei HaShalom – an illegal colony, even for the Israeli government – ​​no longer gave any sign of life even though he had gone to graze his flock of sheep. His body will be found the next day.

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