Tragic Suicide of 88-Year-Old Woman: Son and Daughter-in-Law Watched Helplessly – The Shocking Story that Exposes the Dark Side of Family Dynamics

2023-10-13 01:27:32

An 88-year-old woman in Hunan Province committed suicide by drinking pesticide. Unexpectedly, her son and daughter-in-law watched her until she died. Afterwards, she argued that “it was hopeless” and did not send her to the hospital. (Picture/reproduced from “NetEase News”)

An 88-year-old woman surnamed Liu from Hunan Province in mainland China was so frustrated that no one wanted to raise her after the family property was divided. She drank pesticide and committed suicide. Her son and daughter-in-law watched on and watched helplessly as her biological mother struggled in pain until she died. , and then even the funeral arrangements were omitted and sent directly to the crematorium for cremation, and the ashes were eventually left unclaimed.

According to Chinese media reports, Mrs. Liu worked hard to raise her five sons alone. She even borrowed money to finance the children’s marriages. She originally thought she could enjoy a peaceful life, but her sons and daughter-in-law were clamoring for them. After the family separation, Mrs. Liu had no choice but to distribute all the property to her children, but she was criticized for favoring one and favoring others.

After dividing the family property, Mrs. Liu was initially taken care of by her five sons in turn. Unexpectedly, the eldest and the third son suddenly died of illness. The two daughters-in-law were unwilling to continue to support their mother-in-law and even kicked her out of the house. The desperate Mrs. Liu then After drinking the pesticide, unexpectedly, after her son and daughter-in-law rushed to the scene, no one sent Mrs. Liu to the hospital. Instead, they all watched her mother die in pain. The third daughter-in-law even cursed at the side, “It’s all you.” The old immortal has still survived and has taken away his son’s life.”

After Mrs. Liu died, her body was sent directly to the crematorium for burning. Even the “posthumous affairs” were spared. The experience in her life was extremely regrettable. After the incident was exposed, people criticized her and called her unfilial. Liu’s sons said that it was not that they did not want to save their mother, but that she was “unsavable” and that was why they did not send her to the hospital.

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