Treasury investments at high levels

As explained in the “Weekly Hebdo Rates – Fixed Income” note by Attijari Global Research, the average outstanding amount of Treasury surplus cash investments stood at 17.2 billion dirhams (MMDH) during the week from against 19.2 billion dirhams a week earlier.

According to the same source, the money market evolved in balance during this period, pending the first monetary policy meeting of Bank Al-Maghrib, AGR said, adding that the Central Bank satisfied all banking demand and revised on the rise its 7-day advances to 33.1 billion dirhams against 30.1 billion dirhams a week earlier.

Interbank rates remain in line with the key rate and MONIA rates stabilize at 1.42%.

To this end, the total intervention of Bank Al-Maghrib amounts to 75.2 billion dirhams including 33.1 billion dirhams in main operations and 42.1 billion dirhams in the long term. This is on the one hand, 21.5 billion dirhams in the form of repurchase agreements, and 20.6 billion dirhams of guaranteed loans, up by around 1 billion dirhams, following the expiry of 2 lines of 1.5 billion dirhams and the creation of 2 other lines totaling 2.3 billion dirhams.

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