Treating speeding as a joke? Popular YouTuber criticized one after another “If it’s true, one-shot license suspension” … Video release of how you get caught: J-CAST News[Full text]

A driving video released by popular YouTuber Jukiya, which shows how he was caught by the police for speeding, is causing controversy on the Internet.

  • From Jukiya’s Instagram (sizukanizitene)

  • From Jukiya's Instagram (sizukanizitene)

“If it’s true, it was a one-shot license suspension. ‘I stopped it’…”

Jukiya is a YouTuber who is popular among young people for her street interviews and game commentary. What started the uproar was a video released on October 4, 2022 titled “I went to Disney with a girl I met for the first time and it was too awkward wwwww”.

The video was about going for a drive with someone you met for the first time, “first meeting drive”, and going for a drive with Miyu Kaneko, a member of the idol group “LinQ”, to Disneyland.

During the drive, Kaneko was talking about his high school days when suddenly the siren of a police car rang. Jukiya-san said, “Eh! Wait for me? It’s definitely not me? This is me, isn’t it?”

Mr. Kaneko, who was sitting in the passenger seat, was puzzled by the approaching siren, saying, “It’s my first time! I’m being chased by a taxi.” Jukiya-san was impatient, but tsukkomi, “It’s not a taxi, it’s a police motorcycle, isn’t it?”

Jukiya-san said, “There’s no one but me, right? What should I do? Should I say, ‘Poop leaked out?’ No?” I jokingly thought of an excuse.

Jukiya-san expects a white motorcycle that is not approaching, “What should I do with this? Isn’t it me?” did.

Mr. Jukiya was asked by a police biker, “Did you look at the meter?” She also asked, “No, I haven’t seen it at all. Where have you been hiding?” Mr. Jukiya

“If it’s true, it was a one-shot license suspension. ‘I stopped it’…”

I was also told.

After being handed a ticket, Jukiya said to the motorcycle police officer, “Go ahead of me!”

“I guess you’re underestimating speeding.”

The two continued to drive after being kicked out for speeding, but there was a scene where Jukiya said, “I can’t speed up, but I’ve been running slowly since a while ago.”

When Mr. Kaneko said, “Trauma, it’s raining,” Jukiya said, “What if it doesn’t stop (rain)? It’s hell. I got it,” he laughed.

Regarding the fine for speeding, Jukiya said, “I’ve been fined 18,000 yen. Please excuse me, it’s about the parking fee,” and headed for Disneyland.

Viewers who saw the video commented, “It’s the best that you’ve adopted a scene where you’re being cut for speeding.”

“It’s dangerous to ride a collab partner normally and break the speed.”
“I’m sure you posted it as a joke, but I thought you were disrespecting speeding when you posted it… and you should have a one-time license suspension…”
“I wonder if it’s all a joke.”

There are also critical voices.

On the 5th, on Instagram Stories, Jukiya quoted a screenshot of a news article entitled “Jukiya gets caught speeding while planning a drive ‘Really, one-shot license suspension'” sent by viewers.

“Don’t post that”

posted an angry comment.

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