Turns out it wasn’t Pinkan Mambo who was reported to the police, it was the artist with the initial ‘P’ who was dragged into the case

Pinkan Mambo cried and apologized to all the artists whose names he had insulted, at a press conference in Jakarta, Thursday (1/12/2022). Pinkan admitted that he did it just for sensationalism. [Rena Pangesti/Suara.com]

Pink Mambo is now in the spotlight because of his controversial remarks in the media.

Until recently, social media was stirred up by rumors that Maia Estianty and Raffi Ahmad had reported Pinkan Mambo to the police.

This is because Pinkan Mambo often mentions both of them in terms of wealth and past.

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This rumor circulated from a TikTok user with the account @amelliafatimah1 who uploaded a video explaining that Maia Estianty and Raffi Ahmad reported Pinkan Mambo.

“Raffi Ahmad and Maia Estianty officially reported Pinkan Mambo to the police. Your mouth is your tiger,” wrote the TikTok account @amelliafatimah1.

The TikTok video shows a video clip of a policeman who claims to have received a report regarding the artist with the initials P.

Video TikTok (TikTok/ameliafatimah1)
Video TikTok (TikTok/ameliafatimah1)

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“Today, sister P has been reported at the South Jakarta Police,” said Head of Public Relations of the South Jakarta Metro Police, AKP Nurma Dewi.

After checking the truth, the video clip is not a report on Pinkan Mambo’s report but another artist’s report.

The artist in question is Paula Verhoeven and Baim Wong on the domestic violence prank video by Friends of the Police.

So what artist P means in the TikTokk video @ameliafatimah1 is not Pinkan Mambo.

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