Two Boats Collide on the Wilmington River Leaves Five People Dead | Videos | Univision 34 Atlanta WUVG

of $4.13 per gaon. I don’t knowexcited, because probablygasoline during the summerstay high. there were severalaccidents in placesacatics. five peopleboats near savannah.indicate that the event occurredIt was Saturday when the boatsthey collided head-on. totalnine people were in thetwo boats when they collided.five people died, andfour were injured. thedeceased were identified.Also, this other man diedin a second boat involved.they were turning around, onewould head north and anothersouth, they turned around in avery tight corner, they went soquick there was no waycorrect it, when they collided, thedamage was significant, allThey flew out of the crash.daselis: the suspect was sailingunder the influence of acontrolled substance. theinvestigation of the case willcontinue duringapproximately six weeks.

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