two deputies in police custody after the violence in the hemicycle

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In Senegal, the two deputies responsible for violence against their colleague Amy Ndiaye in the hemicycle were placed in police custody for intentional assault and death threats. Wanted since December 3, they were questioned by the judicial police. An announcement that comes in a context of strong political tensions in the National Assembly.

With our correspondent in Dakar, Juliet Dubois

Wanted for ten days, Massata Samb and Mamadou Niang finally presented themselves to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations on Tuesday, but remained silent, according to their lawyers.

At the end of the meeting, the two deputies of the opposition party PUR, member of the opposition coalition Yewwi Askan Withwere taken into custody for “ intentional assault and battery and death threats ».

During a turbulent parliamentary session during the budget session, presidential party MP Amy Ndiaye received a slap of Massata Samb and a kick from Mamadou Niang in the stomach. ruling coalition MP Benno Bokk Yakaar had made, according to them, disrespectful remarks against the religious leader who leads their party.

After this violence which shocked many in the country, Amy Ndiaye had been hospitalized. The MP was pregnant according to her colleagues from Benno Bokk Yakaar.

Escalation of tensions in the Assembly

The public prosecutor was seized by the President of the National Assembly, in accordance with the rules of the institution. The custody of the two men began Tuesday, December 13 in the evening and cannot exceed 48 hours. The direction of criminal investigations will then decide whether they are referred to the prosecution.

Since the return to parliament, it is theescalation of tensions in the National Assembly. For the first time, the presidential movement no longer has an absolute majority and the two camps regularly rail against each other. The opposition has tabled a motion of censure against the government which will be considered tomorrow Thursday.

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