Permanent training for the exercise of teaching

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Registration for the training course will be open until January 31 “Key Educational Tours”, intended for teaching staff in the areas of music, theater and English, taught at all levels and modalities of the educational system of Río Negro.

Said procedure must be carried out virtually through the Permanent Training platform of the Ministry of Education and Human Rights, entering the following link.

Those who register will have the conditionality removed during the course of the Training Course, in accordance with the provisions of Resolution No. 6923/22 of the Provincial Council of Education (CPE).

The proposal will be carried out by the Directorate of Higher Education, in order to provide didactic-pedagogical training for the development and construction of knowledge related to the performance of the teaching function in the areas of music, theater and English.

“Recorridos en Clave Educativa” will be organized into four four-month periods that will cover the educational political framework of the educational system, an approach to the subject in current education, reflections and tools for teaching, tasks in the classroom and the approach to coexistence in the schools.

This proposal, to be implemented in the 2023/2024 school year, will have two sections, which will be approved and accredited independently and correlatively, with a workload of 320 clock hours (480 lecture hours).

The course modality will be mixed, with synchronous, asynchronous and face-to-face instances in the educational institutions in which each participant performs their tasks.

The start of the introductory module is scheduled for March 1, 2023, with a first class on the 15th of the same month.

Río Negro will have a Rural Educational Center of social management

– archyde news –

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