two French groped young girls in the outdoor swimming pool

This Monday, July 11, the police had to intervene at the public swimming pool in Wachtebeke, in Flanders, after young girls were harassed by men.

The two individuals who assaulted the girls in the swimming pool are two French people. “They had groped girls in the swimming pool and refused to leave the area,” explained Ellen De Ruyck, from the Puyenbrouck police zone, to our colleagues from HLN.

On Tuesday, other incidents took place at the same place, but this time at the ticket offices, because some visitors had bought their ticket online but were unable to enter with their QR code. Tempers then flared. “We arrived on the spot the same day because a fight had broken out between two families on the lawn”, explains Ellen De Ruyck again. “It is very unfortunate that people always seem to feel the need to cause trouble in the field. We keep an extra eye on Puyenbroeck. Especially with the hot days ahead,” she adds.

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