Emergency Center Chaos: Severe Staff Shortage Leaves Calls Unanswered and Lives at Risk

2023-09-12 17:08:48 Total panic at the 112 emergency center. In fact, this Monday, no operator was present. Normally, four people are present in the Flemish Brabant center. However, as our colleagues from Nieuwsblad report, a serious shortage of personnel caused this situation. of videos “But due to a severe staff shortage, only two people were … Read more

Arrest Made After Beach Chase: Man Jumps into Lifeguards’ Boat and Pushes Rescuer Into Water

2023-09-11 10:09:35 Overall, the heatwave weekend that we experienced passed without any major problems on the North Sea side. But there were still small incidents here and there. Like what happened this Sunday evening on Knokke beach. of videos Laatste Nieuws explains that a man was arrested after a chase with the police. It all … Read more

School Panic: Two Students Cause Chaos with Toy Weapons

2023-09-04 14:47:24 Two students sow panic in their school with a weapon: the police forced to intervene… it was actually a toy! Sudinfo.beTwo young people seen playing with weapons in a school in Saint-Trond: the police arrive 7sur7Flanders: the police intervene after the intrusion of individuals in a school with dummy weapons The eveningThe police … Read more

Outrageous Hospital Bills for International Travelers: Estée’s Story and How to Negotiate Lower Costs

2023-08-12 12:42:54 Estée, a 26-year-old Belgian, traveled to the United States and had the misfortune to develop kidney stones there. Hospitalized, she was subsequently billed an amount of 51,000 dollars, or 46,000 euros. An astronomical sum for this young woman who has mutual insurance in Belgium! But according to the Newspaperhis health insurance no longer … Read more

Rare Seal Sighting in Urban Bruges: Mayor Discusses Potential Rescue Efforts

2023-08-04 13:12:35 It’s an animal that you don’t usually see in a city like Bruges. However, in recent days, a seal has been to Krakelebrug, Dampoort or even Steenbruggebrug several times. A situation of which the city is aware. “We must not intervene at the moment. It is only if the seal does not come … Read more

Parents Seek Medical Advice for Toddler’s Forehead Lump: Understanding Symptoms and Treatment Options

2023-06-04 03:00:00 For the past few months, Émilie Konstantinidis and Benjamin Reynckens have been worried about their 16-month-old son, Alexis. A lump had formed on his forehead. Worried, the parents sought medical advice. *********** ************* ** ******** *** ** ***** ****** ** ****************** ******** ************* ********** ** ****** **** ********** ** *********** * ********* **** … Read more